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Hillary Davis

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Healthcare and Hospitality
Shawn Vinnett



Bill Sabo


  • You sign up on the form within this website
  • You are assigned a placement manager based on what type of industry or job you're interested in. 
  • Once your application is received we'll start looking for with career opportunities that match your experience, training and other qualifications, such as skills or certifications.
  • If we find some good opportunities for you, we call the hiring manager at the company or business and find out a little more about the job, so we can better prepare you for the hiring process.
  • Next, we'll call you and explain the job, benefits, salary and other information to see if you're interested in moving forward. After we give you all the information we have we'll specifically want to know if you would accept this position if offered because if you won't, there's no point moving forward. At this point, we'll also ask about anything that might stop you from getting a job, such as not having an idea.
  • No transportation, or not having the right clothing or equipment? We can address and remove many of those issue barriers.
  • Then we'll call the company's hiring manager and explain why we think you're the right fit for the job. We'll go over your strengths and your development and also address up front any issues that may come up. Then we'll set up an interview.
  • We'll call you and spend time going over questions you'll likely be asked, what the company is looking for, the culture of the company and prepare you to have a GREAT interview.
  • Finally, we'll talk to you and then the hiring manager after your interview and see how it went, from both sides of the interview. Then it's up to the company to make you the offer and you to accept it.
  • When you accept your new position, we're still there to support you. We'll confirm your start date, what you'll need for your first day and where you should report. We even like walking you in on your first day just to make sure everything goes smoothly. 
  • After that, we'll check in about once a month to see how it's going. If there are any issues that we can help address and to make sure you are learning the skills you'll need for your way up the career ladder!

How it all works: 12 steps toward a career

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